06/23/2018Ohio Light OperaFreedlander Theatre8:00pm - TBA
06/24/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
07/04/2018Steve Ostrow Dixie Jazz BandLakewood ParadeTBA - TBA
07/06/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/07/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/08/2018Dave Banks Big BandPrivate Event6:00pm - TBA
07/08/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre2:00pm - TBA
07/10/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/11/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/12/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/13/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/14/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/15/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre2:00pm - TBA
07/17/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/18/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/19/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/20/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/21/2018Next to NormalPorthouse Theatre8:00pm - TBA
07/24/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
07/28/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
07/29/2018GL BandPrivate Event6:30pm - 9:30pm
08/03/2018Mark Russo GroupBass Lake Taverne5:00pm - 8:00pm
08/10/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
08/11/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
08/12/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
08/17/2018GL BandWooster Car Show6:30pm - 9:00pm
08/18/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
08/19/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
08/24/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
08/25/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
08/26/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
08/31/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
09/01/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
09/02/2018The Full MontyCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
09/21/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
09/22/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
09/23/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
09/28/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
09/29/2018GL BandPrivate Event1:00pm - 4:00pm
09/30/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
10/02/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
10/05/2018NewsiesCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
10/06/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
10/13/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
10/20/2018Axon-NeuronProgtober Fest (Chicago)TBA - TBA
10/27/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
11/02/2018AidaCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
11/03/2018Dave Banks Big BandPrivate Event8:00pm - TBA
11/04/2018AidaCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
11/09/2018AidaCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
11/10/2018AidaCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
11/11/2018AidaCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
11/16/2018AidaCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
11/17/2018AidaCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
11/18/2018AidaCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/01/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
12/07/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/08/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/08/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/09/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/14/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/15/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/15/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/16/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/21/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/22/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/22/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
12/23/2018A Christmas CarolCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
12/29/2018Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
02/15/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/16/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/17/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
02/22/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/23/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/24/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
03/01/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/02/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/03/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
03/29/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/30/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/31/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
04/05/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/06/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/07/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
04/12/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/13/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/14/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/17/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/18/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/19/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/24/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/25/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/26/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/31/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
06/01/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
06/02/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA

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