02/03/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsCleveland Museum of ArtTBA - TBA
02/09/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsMidland Center for the Arts (MI)7:30pm - TBA
02/11/2023DanjoOur Lady of the Elms School7:30pm - 10:00pm
02/19/2023Local 4 EventPrivate Event10:00am - 11:00am
03/03/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
03/04/2023Cleveland PhilharmonicCSU - Waetjan7:30pm - TBA
03/05/2023Cleveland PhilharmonicWestlake PAC3:00pm - TBA
03/10/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
03/11/2023Shannon Eller TrioSpeak of the Devil7:30pm - 10:30pm
03/11/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
03/12/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
03/18/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
03/19/2023Toxic AvengerCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
03/30/2023Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatUniversity of Mount Union7:30pm - TBA
03/31/2023Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatUniversity of Mount Union7:30pm - TBA
04/01/2023Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatUniversity of Mount Union7:30pm - TBA
04/02/2023Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatUniversity of Mount Union1:30pm - TBA
04/07/2023DanjoJilly's8:00pm - TBA
04/09/2023DanjoJilly's12:00pm - 2:00pm
04/18/2023Jeremey Poparad Jazz OrchestraThe Bop Stop7:00pm - TBA
04/22/2023Cleveland PhilharmonicCSU - Waetjan7:30pm - TBA
04/23/2023Cleveland PhilharmonicWestlake PAC3:00pm - TBA
04/28/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsOcala Cultural Arts (Ocala, FL)TBA - TBA
04/29/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsArts Garage (Delray Beach, FL)TBA - TBA
05/05/2023DanjoJilly's8:00pm - TBA
05/06/2023SwingboneHyde Park Steakhouse7:00pm - 10:00pm
05/19/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
05/20/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
05/21/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/26/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
05/27/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
05/28/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/28/2023DanjoPrivate Event5:00pm - TBA
06/02/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild7:30pm - TBA
06/03/2023SwingboneHyde Park Steakhouse7:00pm - 10:00pm
06/04/2023SpongeBob the MusicalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
06/10/2023Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
06/15/2023DanjoHometown Bank Plaza7:00pm - TBA
06/22/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsBlu Jazz8:00pm - TBA
06/23/2023Bassel and the SupernaturalsRochester Jazzfest (NY)TBA - TBA
06/24/2023Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
07/12/2023Perfect ChoiceKirtland Public Library7:00pm - 9:00pm
07/30/2023Perfect ChoiceBrooklyn Park Gazebo7:00pm - 9:00pm
08/05/2023SwingboneHyde Park Steakhouse7:00pm - 10:00pm
08/18/2023SwingboneLaurentia Winery5:00pm - 8:00pm
09/15/2023SwingboneLaurentia Winery5:00pm - 8:00pm
09/16/2023Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
09/23/2023Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
09/30/2023Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA
11/17/2023Dave Banks Big BandMusic Box Supper Club8:00pm - TBA
10/05/2024Perfect ChoicePrivate EventTBA - TBA

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