02/22/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/23/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
02/24/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
02/24/2019Mark Russo QuartetTavern of Independence5:30pm - 8:00pm
03/01/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/02/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/02/2019Don Turoso Dixieland BandPrivate Event10:00am - 11:00am
03/03/2019Next to NormalCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
03/08/2019Dave Banks Big BandBop Stop7:30pm - TBA
03/09/2019Cleveland PhilharmonicWestlake Performing Arts Center7:30pm - TBA
03/10/2019Cleveland PhilharmonicTri-C West3:00pm - TBA
03/13/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:00pm - TBA
03/14/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:00pm - TBA
03/15/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School9:00am - TBA
03/15/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:30pm - TBA
03/16/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School2:00pm - TBA
03/16/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:30pm - TBA
03/17/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School2:00pm - TBA
03/20/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:00pm - TBA
03/22/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School7:30pm - TBA
03/23/2019Hello DollyWalsh High School2:00pm - TBA
03/29/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
03/31/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
04/05/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/06/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/07/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
04/12/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/13/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
04/14/2019Jesus Christ SuperstarCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
04/23/2019NEO Sounds OrchestraAkron Public Library6:30pm - TBA
04/27/2019Cleveland PhilharmonicPainesville First Church Congregational7:30pm - TBA
04/28/2019Cleveland PhilharmonicRocky River United Methodist Church3:00pm - TBA
05/17/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/19/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/24/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/25/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/26/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA
05/30/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
05/31/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
06/01/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild8:00pm - TBA
06/02/2019TitanicCanton Players Guild2:00pm - TBA

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